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Spatial Scores // Embodied Fields

Dancing Architects 2020



A hearty invitation to DA20: Dancing Architects’ second summer workshop - a journey of spatial choreography, exploring the way we engage, perceive, and create space by moving

Open to all who study and work in Architecture

No prior experience in dance and choreography necessary!

An interdisciplinary exploration, the workshop will take you to a personal journey of architectural choreography. Invigorating movement sessions will awaken our spatial awareness, while playful activities experiment with architectural ideas. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of the body and choreography in relation to people and movement; to objects and habits; to spaces and in-betweens; to the streets and urban behaviours; transcending time and space. Together, we will work towards creating shared experiences in the form of performance as an experimental architectural dialogue. Our field of operation is a beautiful self-sustainable setting amongst olive trees, and the urban streets and spaces in the White City of Ostuni, Apulia, Italy.

Spatial Scores // Embodied Fields 


DA20 will work with the idea of rituals and habits: every-day and repeating, and often unconscious gestures and actions that are secretly and powerfully informing and forming our environment. Questioning many aspects of life and architecture that are often taken for granted, we will move, talk, think, draw, watch, listen, write, and make; and eat and drink; then wonder and wander; to dance and to perform; and to create. Expect the infectious happiness of moving together!


Dates:     Sat 11th – Sat 18th July 2020 

Venue:    Casina Settarte, Contrada La Chiusa, 72017 Ostuni BR, Italy 

Fees:      Workshop: £350 / Early bird: £ 320 (Registration by 30th April 2020)

              Accommodation and food: 175€ - 235€ (depending on the type of


Apply early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited

Application will close once fully booked

○ Workshop is carried out in English

○ Fees include materials, site visit, membership fee and pickup to/from Ostuni train station and

   the venue

○ Fees do not include travel to/from Ostuni train station and your home

○ Bed linen rental is an extra 5€

○ Participants will need to be 18 years of age or older by Sat 11 July to participate in the workshop 

○ All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required.

Important information

with regards to Covid-19

Rest assured that the fee will be fully 

refundable in case the situation with regards to Covid-19 will not allow the workshop to take place.  

We are keeping our hopes high that the storm will be over, so that we can rejoice in the creative sharing ever more.

If you don't have architectural background but want to participate

The workshop is primarily aimed for participants with architectural background. However, if you are passionate about the relationship between architecture and dance, please get in touch as there might be limited spaces available. We will ask you to wait till late June to confirm available spaces. Thank you for your patience!

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