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A hearty invitation to a journey of spatial choreography,

exploring the way we engage, perceive, and create space by moving.

A transdisciplinary exploration, the DA24 will take you to a personal journey of architectural choreography, exploring the way we engage, perceive, and create space by moving. It is an invitation to open up a fresh perspective through the experience of moving, and relate anew to the world around us; to the emotions of objects and materiality; to the childhood memories that the space conjures up; to the speed of the streets where we walk every day; and to the quality of light where we have yet been in our imagination… And perhaps to question what makes us move, and to start asking new questions about the construct of the city, architecture and the life that contains. All through our thinking body and moving mind because the world is ever changing and never static. 


This year, DA would like to think deeper in the idea of ‘becoming’ as a transformational process through which we constantly renew ourselves while being present in time and space. In philosophy, the idea of ‘becoming’ brings forward the process of change, transformation, and evolution. All what exist are in constant flux transitioning from one state to another, and as a consequence, we are always in the continuous flow of dynamic relationships and events.


So, let’s move with our conscious mind in the constant becoming. We are all process, a happening amongst other happenings that are in the state of constant change in relation to one another. DA24 encourages the participants to dive deep into the ever-changing relationalities as dynamic architectural conversations in the city of Porto, a terrain of the oblique. By translating our spatial engagement and felt senses into movement vocabularies, DA24 will culminate in a collective performance as experimental architectural dialogue. 

We will listen to the voices and desires of the space and the place through the choreography of our moving bodies. Invigorating movement sessions will awaken our spatial awareness, while playful activities experiment with architectural ideas. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of the body and choreography. Nestled within the heart of the city, our field of operation are artist residency space at INSTITUTO, also the dance studio at Balleteatro, both our partners in Porto. The urban streets and public spaces rich with culture and culinary delight will also be our playgrounds. There will be a day of excursion to visit wonderful architectures that Porto has to offer.

Open to all for those who work and study in architecture and spatial practice, as well as social and cultural practice in wider context, DA Summer Lab hopes that the participants encounter and challenge something unfamiliar or even strange. Because it is these moments of fresh encounters when our creative intuition works at its best and discover something of lasting importance. Choreography as an agency for architecture encourages something a little autobiographic that reflects who we are through moving, and moving together towards creating collective experience.

Expect the infectious happiness of moving together!

No prior experience in dance and choreography necessary, only your curious self!

Further information and application: click here

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