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Dancing Architects Summer Workshop 2019

This summer, Dancing Architects invites you to explore the idea of

architecture and choreography by moving!

No prior dance or choreographic experience required

Have you thought about what our experience of space is actually made up of?

How do the intangibles, the unmeasurables, and fleeting aspects of life secretly construct our sense of space that we inhabit? 

If you are searching for an alternative way to engage, perceive,

and even conceive architecture, come and join us!

An interdisciplinary exploration, the workshop will take you

to a personal journey of architectural choreography.

Julie Anne Stanzak will awaken our spatial awareness invarious invigorating movement workshops. With individual inner motivations and senses, participants will learn to express embodied ideas through the physicality of ourbodies and choreography in relation to people;  to objects; to the space and surroundings; 

to the streets and the city; and to the world around us – constantly transient in time and space that also change with our body and mind.

Together, we will work towards creating shared experiences in the form of performance, as an experimental architectural dialogue. 

Our field of operation will be the beautiful and sustainable setting of Casina Settarte, as well as the urban streets and spaces

in the white city of Ostuni, Apulia, Italy.

Activities include various movement workshops, talks and seminars on architecture and movement, discussions and tutorials, making of props and body extensions, and the final performative presentations with invited guests.


Expect to challenge the idea of architecture by moving together!

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