Summer Workshop 2019 

Tue 16th – Sun 21st July 2019

Architectural Body // Urban Choreography

Takako Hasegawa and Julie Anne Stanzak will lead Dancing Architects Summer Workshop. 

Takako Hasegawa 

Dancing Architects was born out of Takako's long-term passion and obsession in the relationship between architecture and choreography.

Working across architecture, performance, education, and photography, Takako approaches architecture through choreography, and as choreography, engaging with movement as an agent for architectural thinking and its creative process. 

She has performed and exhibited internationally, collaborated with many dancers on a various choreographic projects, and directed a series of performative architectural events and experiences, while organising talks and symposiums to generate cross-disciplinary dialogues between art, architecture, contemporary dance and theatre. She has presented her work and performed her presentations at Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Exchange, AA, Bauhaus Dessau, Theaterhaus Jena, Beirut Arab University, amongst others. 

An experienced tutor, she teaches with the idea of architecture as movement, and has taught at the AA, Chelsea Collage of Arts and a number of other courses since 2005.

Takako is originally from Tokyo and is currently based in London. She was educated at the Architectural Association School of Architecture both in Architecture and Spatial Performance & Design, as well as being qualified in teaching higher education art & design. 

Julie Anne Stanzak (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch)

Since her young age in the USA, Julie Anne Stanzak has always been a dancer. After studying at the School of American Ballet New York and Washington School of Ballet, her professional career started at Chicago Lyric Opera Ballet, then at the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. In 1986, Julie joined Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, a legendary Dance Theatre Company in Germany, where she has been performing to this day, and has travelled throughout the world with the company to its critical acclaim.

Since 1990, Julie has been choreographing and directing various performances for several international dance companies, as well as teaching workshops and seminars for dancers, actors, and non-professionals alike throughout Europe, Japan, UK and USA. Notably, since 1993, working in a close collaboration with Teatro la Ribalta, Akademie Kunst der Vielfalt (Academy Art of Diversity), she has choreographed and assisted for its productions. In 2018, Julie created a performance ‘Biting the Silver of the Moon, the Sun in my Mouth’ with 8 Japanese dancers, that premiered in Tokyo’s National Theatre.

As a dancer and artist, Julie values the process of searching for our internal truth and our need to communicate. With a deep understanding of the importance of space both inside and outside of our body and mind, her workshops inspire the way we question the world and ourselves beyond boundaries.