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Notes in the time of social distance and global challenge, with hope

During the time of difficulties, we hope you are all well and keeping your spirit high

wherever you are in the world


Although we found ourselves in extreme and challenging situations

it is also humbling to be reminded that we are here together, supported by one another

 and connected in so many ways despite the distances

sharing our love and sense of togetherness

So much generosity and creativity are bursting everywhere, which is so touching to see

We live in a strange and philosophical time

when we slow down, pause, reflect and rethink

our relationships to the nature and our own humanity, the way of life

and how we could exist in the new understanding of our society

when we come out of all this, when we can meet again physically, and start our new stories


We keep our hopes high that we can meet in person

for Dancing Architects summer workshop in the near future

to be able to rejoice together, face to face, dancing together

It will be all the more wonderful and meaningful

Let our creativity and imagination flow healthy and wild till we reunite

while our planet is healing during human absence…